Communication is a crucial part of everyday life and business. We all utilize some mode of communication to get through each day whether it’s an e-mail, telephone, or web conferences? Have you ever stopped to think about if you could be communicating better in your business?

Streamlining how your business communicates can make a huge difference in every aspect of your organization from landing sales to retaining star employees. But how do you do that when the simple act of communication is second-nature, and the idea of changing how we communicate could be confusing?

The answer is to implement a business communication strategy to streamline the way your business communicates both internally and externally.

First of all, what is a business communication strategy?

Simply put, a business communication strategy is a living document outlining how your business uses various methods of communication such as e-mail, phone, and documentation:

  • To provide information.
  • To respond to external information or requests.
  • To perform certain tasks.

This strategy also dictates what sort of information must be included in each communicate, how it should be delivered, and who should receive it.

Sounds pretty important for most businesses right?

Would you believe that many businesses don’t have a communication strategy in place?

For something as essential as basic means of communication, you would expect business owners and managers to make this a priority, but unfortunately, the benefits of a strong communication strategy are often lost in translation.


1. Reduces Errors in the Workplace

Implement guidelines to follow along with an expectation of how you should be communicating can help to reduce potential errors in the workplace and often results in much happier employees.

Believe it or not, many employees often feel as if they aren’t provided with all of the tools and knowledge that they need to do their job.

Confusion and frustration usually motivate your best employees to leave first, and it costs an average of 150% of their annual salaries to replace them. Source (Ving)

Make it easy for your team members to access and to understand your communications strategy makes a huge difference in how they work, which leads us to…

2. Boosts Productivity Company-wide

It should come as no surprise that offering a clear, concise communications guideline with understandable expectations will improve productivity within your business.

When your team feels like they are part of the discussion and that they have the tools that they need, they are driven to do an amazing job every day.

Being communicative and open makes people feel valued and understood. Use this knowledge to your advantage in business as it is a smart option and should never be ignored.

3. Outlines Major Business Goals

Maintaining strong and consistent communication, both internally and externally, helps businesses to realize and to outline potential goal sets.

The process of creating a strong communication strategy requires you to dig deep and to review every aspect of your business. In doing so, many businesses find and realize areas of the business that present an opportunity for growth and should be focused moving forward.

4. Improves Brand Perception

Having a strong sense of what to say and how to interact with your customers, vendors, and prospective partners works to promote a positive perception of your brand.

A positive perception of your brand travels far and not just with these particular people and companies. In fact, positive perceptions of your brand can travel to surrounding communities and any networking circles that these people and companies happen to run in. Communication goes a long way in proving credibility and flexibility.

Have you noticed an unexpected benefit of developing your communications strategy that we haven’t listed here? We’d love to hear about it! Share your communications stories and hidden benefits with us in the comments.

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